Episode 14

Indy Custom Cornhole and Its Founder, US Marine Scott Melby


March 30th, 2018

45 mins 30 secs

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On this week's Veteran Cast, we take a bit of a break from Veteran's affairs and speak to entrepreneur Scott Melby. Scott is a US Marine who founded Indy Custom Cornhole. Indy Custom Cornhole is the first and largest cornhole business in Indiana, starting in 2003, Scott has run over 1400 tournaments, sold thousands of boards and bags and now focus more on the rental sets and monthly competetive cornhole tournaments which feed into a national rankings of over 7000 players that qualify to compete at World Championships every summer.

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Episode Links

  • Indy Custom Cornhole — Indy Custom Cornhole has built over 1000 custom sets, including sets for Google, ESPN, IU, Ball State University, Indiana Pacers, Fever and Ice, Indianapolis Colts and Indians, Chipotle, Qdoba, The Fiesta & Rose Bowls and National Championship games.
  • 2018 Run As One — Run As One is held in honor of Marine veteran Clay Hunt, an original member of Team Rubicon, Mission Continues Fellow, and avid sportsman, who took his own life after battling PTSD and depression. Clay was an active participant in many veteran organizations and the event serves as a celebration of the networks that empower, unite, and enrich the lives of veterans. It is a symbol of leadership, action, and collaboration across the veteran landscape globally and within our local communities.