Episode 20

Eleven Fifty Academy: Turning Veterans into Developers


October 29th, 2018

39 mins 6 secs

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In a previous episode about the Eleven Fifty Academy, we interviewed Marine Veteran John Qualls about the opportunities for Veterans in the technology industry. Since that time, the Eleven Fifty Academy has historically acquired approval from the federal government for GI Bill usage.

We returned to the Eleven Fifty Academy to speak to David Whitt, the first GI Bill graduate of the Eleven Fifty Academy, and Shawn Gardner, Eleven Fifty's Executive Vice President of Business Development about turning Veterans into Developers. We discuss how training in development is a perfect career path for Veterans to enter the technology sector - either as a coder, project manager, or other supporting leadership position.

We also discuss the incentives for Veterans to move to Indiana to take advantage of this opportunity. Within just a few months, academy training in the technology field can open job opportunities that pay well above averages for Veterans. And within a few years, those careers drive some of the highest incomes under demand in the country.

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Episode Links

  • Eleven Fifty Academy: GI Bill Funds for Coding — The world needs more coders and the opportunities in Indiana are endless. Most jobs in and out of the technology industry need employees with coding skills. By learning the skills to fill these positions, you can set your sights on better-paying jobs with more room to advance.
  • INVets: Indiana Veteran Job and Careers Connection — Founded by a veteran of the global war on terrorism, INvets helps transitioning service members, veterans and spouses take advantage of the huge demand for veteran talent in Indiana. We bring together major employers throughout Indiana who value the skills and experience gained through military service. These companies are looking to recruit veterans to fill thousands of high-paying positions across Indiana, and are often willing to provide veterans with the necessary training to begin rewarding careers that can lead to six-figure earning potential over time.