Episode 8

Transitioning with Post-Traumatic Stress... and News on the YMCA's Support!


January 30th, 2018

51 mins 22 secs

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The Taylor brothers both served in combat - Scott as an F-15 Fighter Pilot in the Air Force and Ted as an EOD Chief in the Navy. The experiences and transition for these two warriors were starkly different. We discuss the challenges of their journeys here, including post-traumatic stress, and encourage others to listen and get the assistance they need.

As part of the conversation, we also discuss the YMCA's new initiative to serve all Veterans and are building a facility in Indiana specific to treating our warriors returning home.

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  • YLovesVets — YLovesVets – these are words the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis is committed to. Every one of us can pitch in to keep veterans and their families strong. Help us pioneer a new kind of YMCA that blends the best community programs with specialized services for veterans and active military.